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Van Gogh PLUM TREES IN BLOOM Freesize Cotton Wrap Fine Art Print Skirt S-XL

Van Gogh PLUM TREES IN BLOOM Freesize Cotton Wrap Fine Art Print Skirt S-XL


A Beautiful New Top Quality Hand Printed Cotton Wrap Skirt featuring Van Gogh's Plum Trees in Bloom!


"Plum Trees in Bloom" by Vincent Van Gogh
The term Japonisme was coined in France in the seventies of the 19th century to describe the craze for Japanese culture and art. Van Gogh like so many other Impressionist and Post-Impressionist artists was one of the admirers of Japanese art. The Japanese influence is obvious in his art work.


"I envy the Japanese artists for the incredible neat clarity which all their works have. It is never boring and you never get the impression that they work in a hurry. It is as simple as breathing; they draw a figure with a couple of strokes with such an unfailing easiness as if it were as easy as buttoning one's waist-coat." Vincent Van Gogh

Our art skirts are hand printed using long lasting non toxic "watercolor technique" dyes on a wax press. Shipped brand new in poly bag. We recommend hand wash or machine wash gentle, hang to dry.

High quality bright and durable hand screened prints on a top quality 100% heavy weight cotton (~300 grams) Wrap Skirt!

This beautiful new Wrap Skirt is Freesize (One Size).

Unfolded it measures about ~45" at the waist and ~52" at the hips. Total length is about ~35" long. (1" = 2.54cm)

This versatile wrap skirt will comfortably fit SMALL to EXTRA LARGE sizes and will fit waists up to ~32" and hips up to ~42".

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