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UTAMARO Ukiyoe New Japanese Fine Art Print Bag Sling Purse Messenger Tote S or L

UTAMARO Ukiyoe New Japanese Fine Art Print Bag Sling Purse Messenger Tote S or L


A beautiful new hand printed Japanese Ukiyoe Art bag!
Ukiyoe is a style of wood block printing created and developed in Japan during the Edo era (1603-1867). "Uki" means floating and "yo" means world. "e" in Ukiyoe means picture(s). So Ukiyoe literally means "pictures of the floating world." Ukiyoe describes the Japanese landscapes, the everyday life of commoners, kabuki actors, sumo wrestlers and beautiful women.
I believe this Ukiyo print was created by Kitagawa Utamaro (1753-1806). Utamaro is one of the most well-known ukiyoe artist among all masters of the Floating World. Utamaro was first a student of Toriyama Sekien, and he initially used the name Toyoaki and changed to Utamaro only later. Utamaro's career reached its height in the Tenmei and Kansei eras (1781-1801).

Printed on front and back! The true beauty of these hand crafted art bags is hard to capture in pictures...
Available in two sizes! LARGE tote above and SMALL tote below:
The large tote is big and roomy and measure about 16.5" across and about 24" in total length from top to bottom.
The small purse measure about 12.5" across and about 20" in total length from top to bottom.

LARGE                                      SMALL

LARGE                                      SMALL

Exceptional quality! 100% hand printed cotton with 100% polyester lining, zip top, and inside zippered pocket:

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