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UTAMARO Ukiyoe Japan Geisha LONG SLEEVE Fine Art Print T Shirt Misses L LARGE

UTAMARO Ukiyoe Japan Geisha LONG SLEEVE Fine Art Print T Shirt Misses L LARGE


  A beautiful new hand printed Long Sleeve Japanese Ukiyoe Art shirt!

Ukiyoe is a style of wood block printing created and developed in Japan during the Edo era (1603-1867). "Uki" means floating and "yo" means world. "e" in Ukiyoe means picture(s). So Ukiyoe literally means "pictures of the floating world." Ukiyoe describes the Japanese landscapes, the everyday life of commoners, kabuki actors, sumo wrestlers and beautiful women.
I believe this Ukiyo print was created by Kitagawa Utamaro (1753-1806). Utamaro is probably the most well-known ukiyoe artist among all masters of the Floating World. Utamaro was first a student of Toriyama Sekien, and he initially used the name Toyoaki and changed to Utamaro only later. Utamaro's career reached its height in the Tenmei and Kansei eras (1781-1801). 
This is a women's shirt, but it looks good on guys too, don't you think?

Our art shirts are hand printed using non-toxic "watercolor technique" dyes on a wax press. High quality bright and durable screen prints on a top quality soft and stretchy cotton-polyester blend long sleeve shirt. Shipped brand new in poly bag. This shirt will not shrink. We recommend hand wash or machine wash gentle to preserve the colors.


This beautiful new shirt is a misses size LARGE- Please check measurements to insure a proper fit:

This shirt is soft and can stretch to fit. Laid flat it measures about ~19" across the chest from armpit to armpit and about ~25" long. Large will comfortably fit up to a ~38-40" chest/bust. The sleeves measure about ~24" long from shoulder seam to cuff.

SMALL, MEDIUM and EXTRA LARGE sizes are available in our store.


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