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SHARAKU Japan Ukiyoe Samurai Japanese Art Print PN Short Sleeve T Shirt Mens M L XL

SHARAKU Japan Ukiyoe Samurai Japanese Art Print PN Short Sleeve T Shirt Mens M L XL


A Beautiful New Top Quality Hand Screened Japanese Ukiyoe Art Print Men's shirt!

Ukiyoe is a style of wood block printing created and developed in Japan during the Edo era (1603-1867). "Uki" means floating and "yo" means world. "e" in Ukiyoe means picture(s). So Ukiyoe literally means "pictures of the floating world." Ukiyoe describes the Japanese landscapes, the everyday life of commoners, kabuki actors, sumo wrestlers and beautiful women.
I believe this Ukiyo print was created by Toshusai Sharaku. Sharaku left next to no documents concerning his life. When and where he was born, how he lived, or when he died is still unknown. Sharaku drew the true likenesses of actors in such an exaggerated style that, it is said, both actors and fans condemned him. Nowadays, however, his name is quite well-known throughout the world, and he is considered as one of the greatest Ukiyoe artists. Sharaku began producing prints in May of Kansei 6 (1792) and his name and art works spread out immediately. However, he stopped producing Ukiyoe and dissapeared suddenly early next year, in 1793.

High quality rich and durable screen prints on a top quality heavy weight cotton-polyester blend shirt! Shipped brand new in poly bag. This shirt will not shrink. We recommend hand wash or machine wash gentle to preserve the colors.

This shirt is available in men's size M, L and XL- Please check measurements to insure a proper fit:

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