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29 Jul '15

The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali

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The Persistence of Memory is a 1931 painting by artist Salvador Dalí, and is one of his most recognizable works.
First shown at the Julien Levy Gallery in 1932, the painting has been in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City since 1934 which received it from an anonymous donor. It is widely recognized and frequently referenced in popular culture. Soft watches or melting watches is often how this work is described.
22 Feb '15


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Date: 1940
Material Used: Oil on canvas
Size: 10 x 20 inches

Daddy Longlegs of the Evening – Hope! was the first painting purchased by Reynolds and Eleanor Morse. The recently married couple thought Dali’s work was remarkably crafted and unlike anything they had ever seen. In 1943 they traveled to New York to meet the artist and his wife, purchasing this painting and initiating their four decades of collecting Dali, which culminated in the Museum’s collection.

Significant as the cornerstone of the collection, Daddy Longlegs is also significant for being the first painting Dali completed in the UnitedStates after he and Gala sought refuge here during World War II. No longer part of the Surrealist group, Dali’s homeland was under siege, and he found himself facing an unknown future.

A grotesque scene unfolds, dominated by Dali’s gelatinous self-portrait in the center, surrounded by the elements of war. A winged child shields his eyes, yet points to the horrors unfolding: a cannon shoots an eyeless putrefying horse, while a soft airplane oozes to the ground. A sculpture of Nike, the Greek Winged Goddess of Victory, rises in bandages from the deflated plane. The Dali figure holds a soft cello that is no longer capable of making music; inkwells sprout from the body, suggesting the eventual treaties that will resolve the crisis.

Ants swarm the face, but a daddy longlegs spider stands and moves forward. In 1940, Dali told a reporter that according to an old French peasant legend, a daddy longlegs seen at evening brings good luck. In the midst of the horrors of war, Dali foresaw an eventual peace, but one achieved at a great price.


22 Feb '15

Gustav Klimt's The Kiss (Lovers)

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The Kiss (Lovers) was painted by the Austrian Symbolist painter Gustav Klimt between 1908 and 1909, the highpoint of his "Golden Period", when he painted a number of works in a similar gilded style. A perfect square, the canvas depicts a couple embracing, their bodies entwined in elaborate robes decorated in a style influenced by both linear constructs of the contemporary Art Nouveau style and the organic forms of the earlier Arts and Crafts movement. The work is composed of oil paint with applied layers of gold leaf, an aspect that gives it its strikingly modern, yet evocative appearance. The painting is now in the Österreichische Galerie Belvedere museum in theBelvedere palace, Vienna, and is widely considered a masterpiece of the early modern period. It is a symbol of Vienna Jugendstil—Viennese Art Nouveau—and is considered Klimt's most popular work.


Gustav Klimt's THE KISS (Lovers)

29 Nov '14

Hindu religious art- Narasimha, the Great Protector!

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Narasimha (Sanskrit: नरसिंह;), also called Narasingh, Narsingh and Narasingha-in derviative languages is an avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu and one of Hinduism's most popular deities, as evidenced in early epics, iconography, and temple and festival worship for over a millennium.

Narasiṁha is often visualised as half-man/half-lion, having a human-like torso and lower body, with a lion-like face and claws.[2] This image is widely worshipped in deity form by a significant number of Vaiṣṇava groups. He is known primarily as the 'Great Protector' who specifically defends and protects his devotees in times of need.